venerdì 19 agosto 2016

Un' estate magica di Corina Bomann (Giunti Editore)

It's a bit 'of time that things for Wiebke not go your way. has not passed one of the most important tests of his undergraduate degree in biology, he has left the boyfriend who cheated on her, and her best friend will pass romantic holidays with your new love, leaving her alone in the city all summer long: a perspective very offputting. I wonder if Aunt Larissa will host it for a couple of weeks in his house in the country on the shores of Lake Müritz? Has always been a myth for Wiebke, Larissa is single, independent and creative; He fled from the town after cutting ties with the family in a turbulent manner. Wiebke does not know the secret behind this decision: only know that twelve years ago Larissa has tragically lost his great love, and since then has taken refuge in the countryside, where he painted the magnificent wedding shoes and cultivated blackberries, surrounded by his animals. The arrival of Wiebke, with its vitality and affection, creates havoc in the life of Larissa and the small town in which he lives, putting pressure on his aunt: the time has come to mark a turning point in its existence, also because of the mysterious new neighbor ... But can the two women to react to unexpected events that each transformation brings with it?

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