domenica 21 agosto 2016

Ti ho trovato tra le pagine di un libro di Xavier Bosch (Sperling & Kupfer)

Four days to live a lifetime. At Paulina and Jean-Pierre it has not only been granted more moments. But in those four days they have broken down all the barriers of their lives in order to embrace a love and happiness never known before. And unmatched later. Paulina Homs is a girl from the quiet life when he arrives in Paris in 1981 for his cousin's wedding. Jean-Pierre is already a mature man, a gallery on the Left Bank cultured and charming, lover of literature and libraries. To conquer it is the thirst for adventure that feels under innocently Paulina. A charmed her are the new worlds that Jean-Pierre knows how to open them with his words and his actions. Together, they learn to live each moment as if it were the last quarter of an hour before the end of the world. Before the return of Paulina to his old life, in Barcelona, ​​her husband and her child. Their short and burning passion will remain a secret unknown to most. Certainly a surprise to Gina's daughter Paulina, when thirty years later, now an adult, is aware of some hidden letters: no return address, written in French and addressed to his mother. Letters that might have something to do with a business card of the same Paulina a stranger had found years before in a novel, in an English library, with a handwritten message on the back: "Appelle-moi," Call me.

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