sabato 20 agosto 2016

Guida completa alla saga di Harry Potter di Francesca Cosi e Alessandra Repossi (Vallardi)

The seven volumes of Harry Potter not only enclose mysterious plots and magic, but also references to creatures of mythology and folklore, reworkings of historical facts, deep psychological insights. The guide provides with: the plots of the entire saga, accompanied by the study of the main themes of the novels and numerous curiosities about their drafting; detailed profiles of 30 major characters; reasoned analysis of magical tools based on historical and literary sources; complete profiles and date of 7 films based on novels; an author's biography; an overview of the products related to the world of Harry Potter (books, video games, Internet sites and more); unpublished information and the epilogue that J.K. Rowling has never published. Complete the volume a dictionary from A to Z of all creatures, magic items, spells and potions that appear in the saga, as well as an exclusive guided tour to the places where movies were filmed

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